Along with its biannual newsletter, URI collaborates on a variety of reports, manuals, working papers, and environmental education curricula, all listed below.


Urban Issues, the URI newsletter, is published every fall and spring and discusses the major initiatives and personal stories representing the work of URI.

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Open Spaces as Learning Places Curriculum (6 units)


The Guide to New Haven's Trees (copyright 2011) is available in English or Spanish with any $25 or more donation to URI. (Send checks with a request for the book to: URI, 195 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511.)  This book is protected by US and International Copyright Laws, and may not be copied, reprinted, published, translated, or otherwise distributed by any means without explicit permission.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Why Opt-in to a Planting Program? Why Opt-in to a Planting Program? Long-term Residents Value Street Tree Aesthetics by Dexter H. Locke, Lara A. Roman, and Colleen Murphy-Dunning published in Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 2015

Research note: Greater tree canopy cover is associated with lower rates of both violent and property crime in New Haven, CT by Kathryn Gilstad-Hayden, Lori R. Wallace, Amy Carroll-Scott, Spencer R. Meyer, Sarah Barbo, Colleen Murphy-Dunning, Jeannette R. Ickovics published in Landscape and Urban Planning 143 (2015)


Relationships between bole and crown size for young urban trees in northeastern USA by Blake Troxel, Max Piana, Mark S. Ashton, and Colleen Murphy-Dunning published in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 12 (2013)

Stewardship Success: How Community Group Dynamics Affect Urban Street Tree Survival and Growth by Emily Jack-Scott, Max Piana, Blake Troxel, Colleen Murphy-Dunning, and Mark S. Ashton published in Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 2013

Working Papers

URI research focuses on community forestry tools for restoring degraded urban ecosystems. A series of over 40 Working Papers, available from the URI office, captures this ongoing research. These Working Papers vary in content and style from management plans for specific parcels of land to traditional academic analyses of general problems; all of our papers examine the connection of environmental restoration and urban revitalization.

Working Paper #51
Piana, M. and Ozyck, C. "Wooster Square Park Cherry Tree Management Plan." March 2011.

Working Paper #50
Sullivan, Colleen and Tenley Wurglitz. "Invasive Plants in Beaver Ponds Park, New Haven, Connecticut: Origins, Impacts and Management Options." February 2006.

Working Paper #47
Dinno, Alexis. "Health and Community Based Urban Residential Restoration: An investigation into the utility of the traditional epidemiological approach." May 2000.

Working Paper #46
Taylor, Rodger. "Strategies for Restoring Vacant Land: an analysis of Northeast Cities, with recommendations for New Haven." January 2000.

Working Paper #45
URI Staff. "Community Greenspace 1999: The Fifth Year of Neighborhood Planting Efforts." March 2000.

Working Paper #44
URI Staff. "The Heart of the City: Report on Open Space Projects and Opportunities in the Dwight Neighborhood." March 1999.

Working Paper #43
Woodworth, Jim and Johnson, Sarah. "Assessment of Biophysical Conditions and Social Effects of 1997 Greenspace Projects." 1999.

Working Paper #42
URI Staff. "Resident-Led Management: Report on Community Greenspace Program 1998." 1999.

Working Paper #41
Shemitz, Leigh W. and Herbst, Julie. "Factors Impacting the Community Management of Urban Open Space: An Analysis of Three Restoration Projects in New Haven, Connecticut." 1998.

Working Paper #40
Argueta, Rene. "Assessment of Biophysical Conditions and Social Effects of Selected URI's 1996 Greenspace Projects." 1998.

Working Paper #39
Wagar, Jonathan. "The New Haven Street Tree Inventory: Final Report on the Spring 1998 Pilot Project." 1998.

Working Paper #38
URI Staff. "TreeWatch: New Haven's Community Tree Stewardship Program." 1997.

Working Paper #37
URI Staff. "Restoring Neighborhood Open Spaces: Report on Community Greenspace Program '97." 1997.

Working Paper #36
Yelin, Jennifer and Swensen, Susan. "A Pond Ecosystem Curricula Guide for Interactive, Interdisciplinary, Experiential Environmental Education: Expanding the Edgewood Model." 1997.

Working Paper #35
URI Staff. "Community Greenspace Project: Beautification Report, 1996." 1996.

Working Paper #34
Esser, Liza. "A Study of the Environmental Values of Current and Former Students in the Edgewood Park/ School Project." 1996.

Working Paper #33
Jiler, James. "1995 Urban Resources Initiative Status Report: Six Years of Community Forestry in Baltimore." 1995.

Working Paper #32
Ganz, David and Cami Kloster. "Community Service Learning and Environmental Education in New Haven: A Report on the 'Learn and Serve' Program, Spring 1995." 1995.

Working Paper #31
"Replant, Restore, Reclaim: Community Building in New Haven," plus "Attachments" (bound separately). Murphy-Dunning, Colleen and Leigh Shemitz, eds. Contributions by Cami Kloster and Megan Ryan. 1995.

Working Paper #30
Aley, Jennifer and William R. Burch, Jr. "Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine: A Comparative Study of Variations in Perceptions and Behaviors of National Park Unit Visitors from the Baltimore Region. " 1995

Working Paper #29
Katz, Sharon. "An Evaluation of KidsGrow: Summer Environmental Education in Baltimore City." 1995.

Working Paper #28
Udziela, Matthew. "An Assessment, Characterization and Analysis of the Hydrology and Drainage of the Sub-Watersheds of Druid Hill Park, Baltimore, Maryland." 1995. 61 pp.

Working Paper #27
Bannon, Katie. "Camp Small Site Analysis: An Environmental and Economic Study." 1995.

Working Paper #26
Raleigh, E Lloyd. "Adaptive, Process-Oriented Management Plan for the Marble Hill Historic District, Baltimore, Maryland." 1995

Working Paper #25
Murphy, Sean, James Nash and Kenneth Pruitt. "Gwynns Falls Watershed Natural Resource Management Plan." 1994. 66 pp.

Working Paper #24
Aley, Jennifer and William R. Burch, Jr. "Fort McHenry National Monument: 
School Field Trip and Survey Report." 1994. 23 pp.

Working Paper #23
compiled by Galli-Noble, Elizabeth and Mary Mackey. "The Summer Urban Resources Initiative '94: Environmental Education Curriculum Guide." 1994. 25 pp.

Working Paper #22
Galli-Noble, Elizabeth and Mary Mackey. "The Summer Urban Resources Initiative '94: Report and Recommendations." 1994. 38 pp.

Working Paper #21
Bickert, Kate and Danielle Kaplan. "The Dirt on Environmental Discrimination: A Study Comparing Heavy Metal Concentrations in Soils Between High and Low-Income Neighborhoods in New Haven, CT." 1994. 18 pp.

Working Paper #20
Murphy, Sean, James Nash and Kenneth Pruitt. "A Methodology for Creating Natural Resource Management Plans for Urban Parks." 1994. 17 pp.

Working Paper #19
Jacoby, Jennifer. "The Edgewood Park/ School Project."

Working Paper #18
Harte, Alexis. "An Inner City Barn Raising: The Theory and Practice of Rapid Community Action." 1994. UNAVAILABLE

Working Paper #17
Filardi, Chris and Elizabeth Hayes. "The Education of Decision Makers: Community Forestry and Environmental Education Activity Guide." 1994. 87 pp.

Working Paper #16
Elizabeth Hayes. "The Education of Decision Makers: Learning About the Natural World and Urban Classrooms." 1994. 36 pp.

Working Paper #15
Bittinger, Jenny. "Summer Urban Resources Initiative, 1993: Report and Recommendations." 1993. 37 pp.

Working Paper #14
Roy, Kathy. "New Haven Conservation Corps: A Curriculum and Resource Guide." 1993. 36 pp.

Working Paper #13
Honigfeld, Harriet. "The Edgewood Park/ School Project: Innovation in Urban Environmental Education." 1994. 54 pp.

Working Paper #12
Daniel, Chris, Morgan Grove and Mark Hohmann. "A Methodology to Assess and Inventory Urban Forests in the United States: A report to American Forests and the USDA Forest Service." 1994. 109 pp.

Working Paper #11
Dalton, Shawn, Beth Conover, Dexter Mead LaTonya Danzy. "Herring Run Watershed Management Plan." 1993. 33 pp.

Working Paper #10
Dalton, Shawn, Beth Connover, Dexter Mead , LaTonya Danzy. "Natural Resource Manger's Training Manual and Field Guide." 1993. 90 pp.

Working Paper #9
"Doing More with More: A Series of Preliminary Plans for Improving Environmental Management and Community Development through Baltimore's Parks and Recreation Systems." 1993.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (Not Available), Part 5 (Not Available), Part 6

Working Paper #8
Dalton, Shawn E., William R. Burch Jr., J. Morgan Grove, and Jenny Aley. "Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine Market Study." 1992. 4pp.

Working Paper #7
Subedi, Bhishma P. " Key Elements of Urban Community Forestry: A Participatory Action Research Model for Urban Community Forestry Management and Extension Activities." 1992. 41pp.

Working Paper #6
Not Available

Working Paper #5
Balmori, Diana, William R. Burch Jr. "Collaboration in Landscape." 26pp.

Working Paper #4
"Strategic Plan for Action." 1991. 48pp.

Working Paper #3
Azam, Atiqul. "Report on the Connecticut State Nursery and Homeowner Preferences." 1990. 31pp.

Working Paper #2
Gordon, S., J. Greenfeld, C. Laporte, M. Lowenstein, and C. Rodstrom. "Baltimore Project Final Report." 1990. 113pp.

Working Paper #1
Burch, William R. and Morgon Grove. "Policy, Planning, and Management Recommendations for Druid Hill Park Baltimore, Maryland." 1991. 44pp.

Tree Care Tips

June 2011- Why Water When it Rains?

July 2011- What's Mulch Got to Do with it?


URI's Position on UI's Tree Trimming & Removal Plan

URI's exceptions to PURA's 5/30/14 Draft Decision can be found here.  URI presented these exceptions at the PURA meeting on June 10 at 10am. 

More than ever, it is important that tree wardens and individual property owners say no to unnecessary removal and improper pruning.

Letter of Concern from URI and GCNH to PURA, Dec 2011

Letter of Concern from URI and GCNH to PURA, Dec 2012

Letter of Concern from URI and GCNH to PURA, Feb 2013

Letter of Concern from CUFC to PURA, Dec 2013  (URI is a member of CUFC.)

URI Position on UI's Tree Trimming & Removal Plan Jan 2014

For more information please visit PURA's website or the Garden Club of New Haven

Here is a very helpful document that comprehensively reviews various public acts and the PURA dockets into one summary, Office of Legislative Research Report on Electric Company Tree Trimming and Property Law

Thank you to the hundreds of folks that attended and more than 60 people that spoke with us at the PURA public information meeting on March 6, 2014, at 6:30pm at the Hamden Middle School. 

Final Decision by PURA, June 25, 2014

Stop order by PURA, March 27, 2014

If you would like to submit your own letter of concern to PURA, send it to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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