Other Research Opportunities

This page contains information on projects outside TRI's official partnerships. TRI is not responsible for or formally involved in any of the listings below. Please direct questions to the identified organization/person. 

Summer 2014 Research Opportunity in Indonesia    

Interested in working in Indonesia this summer? Alam Sehat Lestari (http://alamsehatlestari.org) is an NGO located in West Kalimantan, focused on environment and human health issues. We are actively seeking FES masters students to do summer research with us in Kalimantan, in areas including but not limited to native species reforestation, agro-forestry, sustainable agriculture, and general linkages between public health and tropical forest conservation. If you are interested, contact Erica Pohnan, Conservation Program Director and F&ES alumna (MESc 2012) at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Please include your resume and a brief description of your research interests.

Summer 2014 and Longer-Term Research Opportunities in Honduras and Peru

Interested in carrying out research that would assist communities and artisans in improving their livelihoods from well-managed forests?  GreenWood is an NGO working in Honduras and Peru that promotes community-based economic development and sustainable forest management through production of high quality wood products, use of appropriate technologies and effective marketing.  We are actively seeking FES masters and doctoral students to do research with our local partners in Honduras and Peru, in areas including but not limited to:  mahogany (S. macrophylla) regeneration, disease analysis, and DNA collection;  tracking the impacts of illegal agricultural conversion and wildcat gold mining on the forests of community partners; socio-economic evaluation of high value artisanal production as an alternative to commercial timber harvest;  and use of hand-held computers to improve data collection (for forest management , chain-of-custody tracking of products for export, and project evaluation) and new marketing efforts.  Additional research topics that have been identified by communities as most useful can be found at www.greenwoodglobal.org under “Research Opportunities”.   If you are interested, please contact Donna Stauffer (FES Alumnae and co-chair of GreenWood’s Research and Evaluation Committee), and send your resume and a description of your research interests to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Summer 2014 and Extended Research Opportunities in Costa Rica

Environmental Institute for Applied Theory (E.I.A.T.), San Isidro, Costa Rica
(Blue Flag Ecological Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock; Los Arcos Foundation for Tropical Forest Conservation): E.I.A.T. is the conservation training and research component in Costa Rica between the government agency, Bandera Azul Ecologica (banderaazulecologica.org), and the not-for-profit, NGO, Los Arcos Foundation (losarcosfoundation.org). The Institute provides summer and long-term research support, including housing, for tropical forest conservation professionals applying state-of-the-art principles of forest management with innovative programs for the advancement of sustainable environmental practices throughout Central America. The focus of the work is community-based economic development and all research must address broad issues of conservation concerns. Typically, projects are developed as prototypes to be applied at national and international scales. We are actively seeking FES masters and doctoral students to undertake research projects with our conservation partners in the el General Valley in south-central Costa Rica. In addition to a broad range of research topics appropriate to the mission of the Institute, there is currently an urgent need for assistance in drafting a five-year plan for environmental conservation and watershed management to be submitted this summer to the newly-elected government of the country. If you are interested, please contact Peter Anderson, Director, Los Arcos Foundation and send your resume and a description of your research interests to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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