Yale Daily News (4/11/2012)

Environmental film festival reopens, with a broad view


New Haven Register (4/8/2012)

Chimps, whales, Mother Earth star in Yale’s environmental film fest


Huffington Post (4/8/2011)

YERT Blockbuster: Your Environmental Road Trip Film Wins EFFY 2011 Audience Award: Interview With Filmmakers


Yale Daily News (4/5/2011)

Walsh: A Wider Lens (4/3/2011)

A Weekend at the Environmental Film Festival at Yale


Yale Daily News (4/1/2011)

The environment and the arts meet, collide & promote social action


The Yale Herald (4/1/2011)

Yale’s Environmental Film Festival


Interview on FoxCT morning news (3/28/2011)


The New Haven Register (3/27/2011)

Reel eco-friendly: EFFY’s slate of award-winning films opens Monday


Segment on Fox 61 Morning News


Feature story in the New Haven Register


Item in the San Francisco Chronicle


Profile in Variety


Feature story in Yale Daily News


Feature story in New Haven Advocate


Feature story in the Hartford Courant


Feature story in the Yale Bulletin

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"There’s Cannes, Tribeca and Sundance. But only New Haven has EFFY." - New Haven Register


“What’s unique about this film festival is that it’s run through a university so it’s not just a film festival that’s for commerce. It’s more about an academic issue, too, so I can see why there’s a focus on issues like sustainability.” - Andrew Grace, director of Eating Alabama


"It’s not that I’m anti-environment, just anti-environmental film.... [EFFY] found at least one convert — mission accomplished." - Yale Daily News


"You are Waste Land's official favorite festival!!" - Academy Award nominated director, Lucy Walker (Waste Land, The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom)


“This has been one of the best festivals I have attended, for its organization, for its execution of its theme, for its welcoming atmosphere for filmmakers, and for the way it expanded on its films with worthwhile panels and Q&A.” - Michael Parfit, Co-Director of Saving Luna


“A roster of movies that would put many longtime festivals to shame.” - New Haven Register