U.S. Premiere

Tuesday, April 9th, 7:00pm
Burke Auditorium, Kroon Hall, 195 Prospect Street

Today in the United States, by the simple acts of feeding ourselves, we are unwittingly participating in the largest experiment ever conducted on human beings. Each of us unknowingly consumes genetically engineered food on a daily basis. The risks and effects to our health and the environment are largely unknown. Yet more and more studies are being conducted around the world, which only provide even more reason for concern. We are the oblivious guinea pigs for wide-scale experimentation of modern biotechnology. GMO OMG tells the story of a fathers discovery of GMOs in relationship to his 3 young children and the world around him. We still have time to heal the planet, feed the world, and live sustainably. But we have to start now! 

Followed by a panel discussion with filmmaker Jeremy Seifert, Justin Freiberg, and Tara Cook-Littman.

About the Filmmaker

In 2010, Jeremy completed his debut film, DIVE!, Living Off America’s Waste. Initially made with a $200 budget, a borrowed camera, and a lot of heart, DIVE! went on to win 22 film festivals worldwide - including screening at EFFY 2010. With the release of DIVE!, Jeremy began the production company, Compeller Pictures.  He is now a filmmaker and activist, traveling the country and speaking on humanitarian and environmental issues. Jeremy’s second film, GMO OMG, tells the hidden story of the take over of our food supply by giant chemical companies, an agricultural crisis that has grown into a cultural crisis. He has once again found the heart of the project in his own journey and awakening. Jeremy and his wife, Jen, live in North Carolina with their three children, Finn (7), Scout (4), and Pearl (2). 

Preceded By: Mushroom Man

3 min. Dir. Leslie Iwerks. This is the story of how mushrooms can save the world! Renowned mycologist and mushroom pioneer Paul Stamets harnesses the power of infamous fungi to fight the planet’s leading problems, from developing cures for cancer to destroying toxic radioactive waste.

Watch the Trailer for GMO OMG:

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Tuesday, April 9th, 7:00pm
Burke Auditorium, Kroon Hall, 195 Prospect Street


Genre: Documentary
Year: 2013
Running Time: 90 min.


Director: Jeremy Seifert
Producers: Joshua A. Kunau, Jeremy Seifert
Executive Producers: Elizabeth Kucinich, Joshua A. Kunau
Director of Photography: Rod Hassler
Editor: Jeremy Seifert, Terry Yates

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