Bag It


BAG IT follows Jeb Berrier, an average American guy who is admittedly not a “tree hugger,” who makes a pledge to stop using plastic bags. This simple action gets Jeb thinking about all kinds of plastic as he embarks on a global tour to unravel the complexities of our plastic world. When Jeb’s journey takes a personal twist, we see how our crazy-for-plastic world has finally caught up to us and what we can do about it. Today. Right now.

The film examines our society’s use and abuse of plastic. The film focuses on plastic as it relates to our society’s throwaway mentality, our culture of convenience, our over consumption of unnecessary, disposable products and packaging—things that we use one time and then, without another thought, throw them away. Where is AWAY?? Away is over flowing landfills, clogged rivers, islands of trash in our oceans, and even our very own toxic bodies. Jeb travels the globe on a fact-finding mission—not realizing that after his simple resolution, plastic will never look the same again!

Discussion to follow with author, researcher & publisher Dan Imhoff, and artist & activist Liz Milwe. Moderated by John Wargo, Professor of Risk Analysis, Environmental Policy, and Political Science.

About the Filmmaker

Born in Jamaica and raised in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Suzan Beraza’s thought-provoking films challenge viewers to examine their lives and consider the impact of their choices. Social and environmental issues pervade her work. Her films have appeared on PBS, and at many festivals, winning top awards at Worldfest, Montreal Film Festival, San Luis Obispo Film Festival, EarthVision, and Mountainfilm in Telluride Film Festival. Documentaries she has worked on have also won three Telly Awards, including Best Documentary.

Preceded by: The Majestic Plastic Bag

4 minutes. A humorous mockumentary about a plastic bag’s migration to its “home” in the Pacific Garbage Patch. Narrated by Jeremy Irons. It was produced by Heal The Bay to help put an end plastic pollution.

Bag It Intro from Suzan Beraza on Vimeo.

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Friday, April 1st, 7:00pm
Whitney Humanities Center

Genre: Documentary
Year: 2010
Running Time: 78 minutes


Director: Susan Beraza
Producers: Michelle Hill, Susan Beraza
Editor: Casey Nay
Director of Photography: Leigh Reagan
Executive Producers: Judith Kohin

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