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Anthony Leiserowitz, PhD


Anthony Leiserowitz is an expert on American and international public opinion on global warming, including public perception of climate change risks, support and opposition for climate policies, and willingness to make individual behavioral change. His research investigates the psychological, cultural, political, and geographic factors that drive public environmental perception and behavior. He has conducted survey, experimental, and field research at scales ranging from the global to the local, including international studies, the United States, individual states (Alaska and Florida), municipalities (New York City), and with the Inupiaq Eskimo of Northwest Alaska. He also recently conducted the first empirical assessment of worldwide public values, attitudes, and behaviors regarding global sustainability, including environmental protection, economic growth, and human development. He has served as a consultant to the John F. Kennedy School of Government (Harvard University), the United Nations Development Program, the Gallup World Poll, the Global Roundtable on Climate Change at the Earth Institute (Columbia University), and the World Economic Forum.

Lisa Fernandez

Associate Director

Lisa oversees YPCCC operations, communications and contributes to strategic direction. Previously, she worked in urban environmental conservation and sustainable development in the US and Latin America. She has served as a consultant to the United Nations Development Programme, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the World Bank. She was a Fellow at the World Wildlife Fund-USA and a City Planner implementing solid waste prevention policy for the City of New York. Her most recent publications are Toward a New Consciousness:  Values to Sustain Human and Natural Communities and Institutionalizing Sustainability in Higher Education.  She serves on the boards of the East Coast Greenway Alliance and the Farmington Canal Rail-to-Trail Association and served until 2015 on the Connecticut Greenways Council.  She holds an MBA and MEM from Yale and a BA from Princeton.

Geoff Feinberg

Research Director

Geoff joined YPCCC in 2012. As Research Director, he manages and oversees the Climate Change in the American Mind biannual survey measuring American public opinion on global warming. Prior to joining YPCCC, he was a vice president at GfK North America, where he specialized in public opinion, thought leadership, social marketing, and strategic communications research. At GfK, Geoff co-founded and was the GfK director of the Associated Press-GfK Poll, which covers a range of current political and social topics and is one of the most widely reported media polls in the world, reaching upwards of an estimated two billion people monthly. He was also a chief research advisor for the Meth Project, a philanthropic organization devoted to reducing methamphetamine use among teens. In 2011, it was ranked by Barron’s Magazine as the third-most effective philanthropy in the world. In the environmental arena, Geoff served as research consultant to The Sustaining Family Forests Initiative. He has also conducted national polls on environmental topics for Yale and Stanford.

Jennifer Marlon

Associate Research Scientist

Jenn's research focuses on public perceptions of climate change, climate literacy, and the physical aspects of long-term environmental changes – especially wildfires. She is co-organizer of a science education and training program called the Dissertation Initiative for the Advancement of Climate Change Research (DISCCRS, pronounced “discourse”), which aims to establish connections among researchers focusing on the scientific and human dimensions of climate change. Jenn holds a PhD and MS in Geography from the University of Oregon, and a BS from the University at Albany, State University of New York.

Seth Rosenthal

Project Director

Seth serves as research methodologist at YPCCC, with a particular focus on survey methodology.  Before joining YPCCC in August 2013, he was Director of Opinion Research at Merriman River Group, where he specialized in election and issues-based opinion polling. Seth has also been the lead author of the annual National Leadership Index report published by the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School.  Seth holds a B.A. in psychology from Wesleyan University, and an A.M. and Ph.D. in experimental psychopathology from the Department of Psychology at Harvard. He was also a post-doctoral research fellow at the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School. Seth has published research on narcissism, self-esteem, positive intergroup attitudes, and leadership.

Bessie Schwarz

Communications Strategist

Bessie Schwarz manages media and outreach analysis for YPCCC. She also conducts training for advocacy groups, helping to make YPCCC research relevant for on-the-ground environmental and climate change communications and campaigns.  She comes to YPCCC with extensive experience designing, running and winning national and local grassroots campaigns, as the Field Director for Environment Colorado and as the Federal Field Coordinator with Environment America. In these capacities, she has overseen the generation of dozens of press conferences and hundreds of press stories and has helped designed the national and state field strategies for both of these organizations. Since 2009, she has also directed several record-breaking citizen outreach offices across the country, including the 2014 People's Climate March in NYC, raising grassroots funds and building public support for clean water, clean energy and preservation.  Bessie holds a BA from Carleton College and an MESc from Yale.  She has published on climate politics for The Hill and The Huffington Post, among others.

Eric Fine

Research Assistant 

Eric is originally from New Jersey, but has been mobile for the last fifteen years as an outdoor educator, taking people on Outward Bound expeditions throughout the Americas and Europe.  Watching glaciers recede in Patagonia over the past ten years has inspired him to come pursue a Masters of Environmental Science at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.  He is focusing on climate change communication and public perception, especially in Latin America.  Eric is currently responsible for conference planning and support.

Lea Lupkin

Research Assistant

Lea is dedicated to driving technical, policy and entrepreneurial solutions by understanding and tapping into the nuances of human nature. As a Master of Environmental Management student, she is studying connections between behavioral insights, energy systems, governance, social enterprises, and conflict resolution. For five years, Lea helped to grow a new company driving energy and sustainability solutions at higher education institutions in the Northeast U.S. At GreenerU, she developed behavior and organizational change strategies, managed implementation of sustainability programs at colleges and universities, and integrated optimal behavior cues and stakeholder processes into energy and water efficiency programs. Lea also previously worked with the Sustainable Endowments Institute researching innovative financing mechanisms for campus sustainability. She has held leadership positions with the youth sustainable development organization SustainUS, the Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition, and the Energy Action Coalition. Lea holds a BA in Environmental Policy from Roanoke College. She is a proud pitbull owner and trained Group Facilitator.

Dana Patterson

Research Assistant / Digital Strategist

Dana is a passionate environmental leader currently studying her Masters of Environmental Management (2016) with a focus on sceince communication and wildlife conservation at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Prior to attending Yale, she devoted the last decade to making positive environmental shifts in New Jersey communities. In her 5-year nonprofit role, she empowered dozens of individuals in environmental justice communities; taught thousands of students about wetlands, wildlife, and watersheds; and served a leadership role on a half dozen Community Advisory Groups providing technical guidance and community outreach on toxic site remediation. She holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Fairleigh Dickinson University and is a Board Member of FDU’s Institute for Sustainable Enterprise. As the Digital Strategist at YPCCC, she curates our social media platforms, designs digital graphics, tracks analytics and media coverage, and assists the research team. She is also a member of Yale’s Forestry Club and in her free time, she enjoys nature photography and bird watching.

Amber Collett
Social Strategist

Amber joined YPCCC in 2015 and is pursuing her Masters at the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies with a focus on public health, greenspaces and community engagement. Prior to attending Yale, Amber was a communications consultant with Fourth Sector Consulting where she supported social networks and strategy for clients such as the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, the Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, and more. She previously worked as the communications associate at Transit for Livable Communities/Bike Walk Twin Cities, where she managed innovative communications campaigns focused on strengthening the networks necessary to advocate for better bicycling, walking, and transit opportunities in Minnesota. Amber has also worked as an organizer with Green Corps and Minnesota PIRG on issues ranging from climate change, women’s initiatives, affordable higher education, water access rights, and transportation. In 2011, Amber was elected to the Hennepin County Soil and Water Board where she spent two years rebuilding the organization and strengthening the Board’s public visibility. Amber holds a BA in Environmental Studies and Russian Studies from St. Olaf College, and In her free time enjoys training for races of all kinds, bicycling, hiking/backpacking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, running, gardening and perfecting baking recipes. She is also an avid photographer, occasional woodworker, cyclocross newbie and coffee fanatic. Connect with Amber: @AmberCollett

Emily Connor
Research Assistant

Emily is pursuing a Masters of Environmental Management (2017) and is committed to exploring impacts of climate change and how management strategies can help societies improve resilience and better adapt to a changing future landscape. She is interested in studying water scarcity and relevant management solutions, with a particular focus in the Middle East. Prior to joining the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, Emily worked as a contractor with the United States Agency for International Development on climate change communication and outreach. During her time there, she supported the White House-led partnership, Climate Services for Resilient Development, created with the goal of empowering developing nations to improve their climate resilience. Emily has also worked with National Geographic in Washington, D.C. on social media outreach and website development. She holds a BS in Geography and a BA in International Politics with a minor in Arabic from The Pennsylvania State University. In her free time, her interests include hiking and improving her nascent skiing ability.

Laura Hammett
Research Assistant / Partnerships Coordinator

Laura is passionate about supporting environmentally sustainable and resilient development through a combination of creative community engagement, human-centered design, education, and social enterprise. As a Masters of Environmental Management candidate at Yale, Laura is focusing on issues of urban resiliency and climate change adaptation through studying urban ecology, climate and energy policy, risk analysis, and behavioral economics. Laura comes to Yale after six years in the environmental planning, international development, and communications fields. She spent three years as a project lead with consulting firm Marstel-Day, where she helped the U.S. Air Force resolve resource and land use challenges in collaboration with host communities in South Korea and Japan. Prior to that experience, she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Albania, working with a municipality on capacity building and community development projects while also leading a national environmental education network for high school students. Laura holds a Bachelors of Urban and Environmental Planning degree from the University of Virginia and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. As a Research Assistant at the YPCCC, she manages outreach for the Yale Climate Connections daily radio program and assists with overall media strategy.


Ann Robertson
Research Assistant

Ann is a first year MEM student who recently joined YPCCC and assists Jennifer Marlon in her work studying historical wildfire patterns. Ann earned her BA in earth science from Vassar College in 2011, graduating with departmental honors, a minor in history, and recognition for distinctive senior research. Her undergraduate thesis used microscopic plankton shells in lake sediments to investigate paleoclimate trends in New Mexico. After college, Ann moved back to her hometown of Juneau, Alaska, and began working at NOAA's Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute, where she participated in fisheries ecology research and bioenergetic analysis. In 2013, she earned the opportunity to join a marine research project in the Arctic. She spent two consecutive summers collecting fish, plankton, and oceanographic data along the Arctic Ocean coast in northern Alaska, and used this information to examine climate-driven shifts in the types of prey available to Arctic seabirds. Arctic issues are now her primary focus at F&ES, especially coastal management and marine policy.  After graduating, Ann hopes to begin a career developing policy initiatives that will conserve Arctic ecosystems and promote sustainable development in polar regions.

Lucia Woo
Research Assistant

Lucia is passionate about utilizing large scale environmental data to better inform decision-making. She is a Master of Environmental Science (MESc ’16) candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and her interests revolve around climate change, public health, and science communications. At the YPCCC, she supports wildfire research conducted from the paleoclimate perspective. Prior to Yale F&ES, she worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to help climate scientists develop, deliver, and communicate remotely sensed (satellite- and aircraft-based) carbon data products to both policy and commercial stakeholders. She graduated from Yale University with a BA in Environmental Studies in 2013. As a native of the D.C. area, she is a fierce advocate of free museums and easily accessible running trails.

Abigail Cheskis
Research Assistant

Abby is a third year student at Yale College with an anticipated major in Environmental Studies. After her participation in a semester program that explored climate change in San Francisco, Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia, Abby decided to focus her studies on the relationship between food and climate. Through her work on farms, coursework, and her role as a Culinary Events Manager at the Yale Sustainable Food Program, Abby has learned extensively about food systems and believes that there is untapped potential in communicating climate change through the lens of food. Her studies at Yale have also focused on climate change communication as a whole, and the knowledge that she brings to YPCCC stems from her coursework. As part of a Yale College course, Abby worked with the IPCC Head of Communications and Media Relations to help develop a more effective web platform. Her role at YPCCC builds upon this past experience: Abby crafts social media posts and designs graphics to highlight the relevance of YPCCC’s findings to current events. In her free time, you can find Abby working on her gymnastics skills, making progress on her latest knitting project, or cooking up some pizza on the Yale Farm.