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YPCCC is grateful for the support of the following organizations:



The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950 "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; and to secure the national defense. With an annual budget of about $6.9 billion (FY 2010), they are the funding source for approximately 20 percent of all federally supported basic research conducted by America’s colleges and universities. NSF issues limited-term grants to fund specific research proposals that have been judged the most promising by a rigorous and objective merit-review system. 


NOAA works to keep citizens informed of the changing environment around them.From daily weather forecasts, severe storm warnings and climate monitoring to fisheries management, coastal restoration and supporting marine commerce, NOAA’s products and services support economic vitality and affect more than one-third of America’s gross domestic product. NOAA's dedicated scientists use cutting-edge research and high-tech instrumentation to provide citizens, planners, emergency managers and other decision makers with reliable information they need when they need it.

11th Hour Project

The mission of the 11th Hour Project is to promote a fuller understanding of the impact of human activity within the web of interdependent living systems. This project aims to connect organizations with good information on how to develop a more responsible relationship with the world’s water, energy, and food resources.

Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation

Founded in 1952 by Christian A. Johnson, the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation is dedicated to efforts that foster independent thought, ethical understanding, deep appreciation of the arts and reverence for the natural world.  The Endeavor Foundation pursues this objective primarily by supporting and catalyzing excellence in liberal arts education and related fields, and has supported the curricular and pedagogical development of a significant number of liberal arts colleges in the United States.  The Foundation has also made major contributions to the arts, to projects that assist independent states in the formerly Soviet-dominated region of Central and Eastern Europe, including Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia and Ukraine, to Native American projects and to efforts that promote environmental awareness.  Endeavor was instrumental in the creation of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC, and ECLA European College of Liberal Arts in Berlin, Germany. 

The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment

The Grantham Foundation seeks to raise awareness around urgent environmental issues, and supports individuals and organizations working to find solutions. The foundation's grantmaking supports communication and collaboration in environmental protection, with an emphasis on climate change. They focus on communications to help the general public better understand why environmental degradation poses grave risks and why it is imperative to act now.

Energy Foundation

A partnership of philanthropic investors promoting clean energy technology.


Skoll Global Threats Fund

Global threats have the potential to kill or debilitate very large numbers of people or cause significant economic or social dislocation or paralysis throughout the world. The Skoll Global Threats Fund works proactively to find, initiate, or co-create breakthrough ideas and/or activities that it believes will have large-scale impact, either directly or indirectly, and whether on cross-cutting issues or individual threats.


V. Kann Ramussen Foundation

Founded in 1991, the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation’s (VKRF) believes best practices for promoting sustainability will be most effectively developed through an integrated systems approach and one which furthers the involvement of an informed public in environmental decision making. The environmental mission of VKRF is to support the transition to a more environmentally resilient, stable, and sustainable planet.

Past Sponsors

Climate Works

The ClimateWorks Foundation supports public policies that prevent dangerous climate change and promote global prosperity. ClimateWorks partners with an international network of affiliated organizations—the ClimateWorks Network—to support smart policies in the geographic regions and economic sectors that have the greatest potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The McCormick Foundation

The Robert R. McCormick Foundation was established in 1955 under the last will and testament of Col. Robert R. McCormick, long time publisher and editor of the Chicago Tribune. The trust was established to encourage and promote the education of the people of the State of Illinois in the principles of the Constitution of the United States of America, and particularly in the principles of freedom of speech and of the press, and to assist in repelling any attacks upon the right of freedom of speech and freedom of press by providing educational opportunities for the study of the growth and importance of these principles.


Flora Family Foundation

The Flora Family Foundation was established in 1998 by the family of William R. Hewlett (co-founder of Hewlett-Packard Company) and his late wife, Flora Lamson Hewlett. It is predicated on the belief that each individual has an obligation to go beyond the narrow confines of his or her personal interests and be mindful of the broader concerns of humanity.The Foundation supports programs in education, arts and culture, international development, the advancement of women, health, the environment, human services, economic development, humanitarian assistance, cultural preservation, and international security.


The Pacific Foundation

The Pacific Foundation envisions a more fair society that can leverage the power of new and innovative technology, ideas and global communication to identify and seek solutions to long-standing problems facing the poor, vulnerable, and disenfranchised. The Pacific Foundation was founded in 2006 to address issues of social justice, the environment, arts and technology.


The Summit Foundation – Soul of the Summit

Established in 1984,The Summit Foundation is recognized as the leading philanthropic organization for Summit County and its neighbors. They are committed to creating ever better mountain communities by providing leadership and working across all boundaries. The Foundation builds a culture of caring and giving by providing leadership and facilitation to create a community of donors who through their gifts, wisdom and work will establish a lasting legacy of generosity to support community organizations that foster Health & Human Service, Education, Art & Culture, Sports & Recreation and Environmental Stewardship.


The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has been making grants since 1967 to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. The Foundation's programs have ambitious goals that include: helping to reduce global poverty, limiting the risk of climate change, improving education for students in California and elsewhere, improving reproductive health and rights worldwide, supporting vibrant performing arts in our community, advancing the field of philanthropy, and supporting disadvantaged communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Surdna Andrus Foundation

The Surdna Foundation seeks to foster just and sustainable communities in the United States - communities guided by principles of social justice and distinguished by healthy environments, strong local economies, and thriving cultures.For five generations, since 1917, the Foundation has been governed largely by descendants of John Andrus and has developed a tradition of innovative service for those in need of help or opportunity.



Shakti is based in New Delhi, India. It was registered on the 5th of October 2009, to help India strengthen its energy security while transitioning to a low carbon economy. Shakti's mission is to catalyse innovative policy solutions that encourage energy efficiency and the development of newer energy sources.